5 insights on how to start and keeping writing

The hardest thing for most people to do is actually to start writing, to actually sit down at your desk, open up a new document and start. It’s the moment of truth . . . can you actually follow through and start the process.

People don’t just judge a book by its cover

The old saying is ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ The reality is though, especially in the content overloaded world we live in, is that potential customers and clients DO and WILL judge your book by its cover, and the back cover (summary and endorsements of well-known people) and, if you’ve captured their attention, […]

What is a writing style and why you need to know it.

In a world where information, trends and commentary are presented and consumed through words and images rather than conversations and actual interaction with people, words have more power now than ever. This makes crafting words well an essential and vital part of how businesses and people market themselves. I’ve previously written about my passion for […]

Unlock the value of your story. 20 questions to help you get started

As a professional business writer and storyteller I’ve worked with a wide range of people across all industry sectors to help them tell their story. More and more, professional consultants are asking me to help them create a book that captures their IP/thinking and gives them a platform to extract more value from their years […]

Four tips on how to start writing

As a publisher of 25 years and writer of 30 years I am often asked the following question, ‘I’ve always wanted to write a book, how do I start?’ It’s a really good question and one that most people struggle to answer, whether they want to write a book, an article, white paper, thought leadership […]