The Book Adviser has helped over 400 business leaders, owners, consultants and entrepreneurs successfully self publish and market their business book.

The Book Adviser Is Australia’s Most Complete Business Book Self Publishing Service

The Book Adviser works alongside you through the whole business book self publishing process from content structure, writing, production, cover design, printing, marketing and book sales.

So many businesspeople, owners and leaders have a great book within them, but struggle to find the time to bring their book to life. Many who have achieved the milestone of completing their book still struggle to know what and how to leverage their business book to build their personal and business brand or generate visibility and recognition.

The Business Book Adviser Self Publishing Program Is The Solution You Are Looking For.

So many business leaders struggle to find the time to write their book or know where to find trusted self publishing services. That’s where The Book Adviser Self Publishing Program can help.

The Book Adviser Program provides knowledge, expertise, support, advice, templates and guidance across the entire process – from the time you decide you’re going to write your book right through to graphics, publication, distribution, eBooks, print on demand, publicity, booksellers and leveraging the content long after it has been launched.

As a first time author we’ll help you craft compelling, quality content that your audience will value, help you with manuscript assessment, printing (ebook, Kindle, Apple iBooks), publication, distribution and promotion – the full range of the publishing process – as efficiently as possible.

Meet The Woman Who is Changing  The World For The Better, One Book At A Time.

The vision and mission of Jaqui Lane, owner of The Book Adviser is to change the world for the better, one book at a time. Jaqui and her publishing team do this by helping businesspeople develop and share their expertise, experiences and insights through self publishing and marketing their own, high-quality business book.

Jaqui has interviewed over 900 Australian businesspeople, published over 400 business books, written 25 company histories books and over 200 articles. She is one of Australia’s leading business historians and self publishers having researched and written books for the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Amcor, Cleanaway, Woolworths, Patricks, Peter Lehmann Wines, Wilson Transformers, Myer and the Asia Centre Foundation.

There’s nothing about the traditional publishing and self publishing services, the process of research, writing, editing, production and selling of business books around the world that Jaqui doesn’t know.

Effective Book Marketing Strategies

Learning how to write and publish your book are two of three critical parts to achieving success with your book. Many authors never achieve the success they want because they don't know how to market and promote their business book. The Book Adviser Program covers all aspects of how to build a book community, platform and demand for your book.

We have also developed three book marketing packages: Expert, Market Expert and Global Expert, where we build your online presence through your own professional website, platform, content, eBook, social media, branding, visibility and exposure.

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Company History Projects

Working as a professional company historian for more than 30 years, Jaqui Lane is the go-to person for ASX-listed companies, private businesses, family business, SMEs and charities when they want to write and publish their company history. 

Every company has a story to tell, especially if they are celebrating a major company anniversary, event, change in ownership/structure or when a founder retires. Capturing your company history is a vital part of ensuring that the values, vision and dynamics that have underpinned your success to date are preserved and reinterpreted so they remain living and relevant now and into the future

By capturing and sharing the history of your company, which only a few have known, your leaders, employees, investors and key stakeholders will be able to see your business with fresh eyes, understand your journey and values by which you operate.

Just When Is The Right Time To Undertake Your Company History?

We’ve worked with organisations to capture a range of milestones: 10 years, 20, 21, 30, 50, 75 and 100. In some cases we’ve been commissioned to write and publish a company history at the time of the retirement of a founder, the decommissioning of an iconic plant/operation, the merger of companies. There are any number of significant events in a company’s history that deserve recognition through a company book.

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