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So many business leaders struggle to find the time to write their book

That’s where The Book Adviser Program can help.

We’ll help you craft compelling, quality content that your audience will value, help you get it written, published, and marketed, then into book stores as efficiently as possible.

Meet Jaqui Lane, The Book Adviser

In a world where credibility, authority, leadership, recognition and influence are increasingly tied to the content you create, your business book is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business and your personal brand.

If you follow The Book Adviser Program you will achieve your goal of writing, publishing and selling your book in 12 months.

We know because we’ve spent 30 years writing, publishing and marketing business books.

When I decided to write and publish my book, Connection Generation, Jaqui was the first person I called for advice, guidance and support. Her knowledge of the options, costs, commercial reality of book publishing is extraordinary as is her network of highly- talented designers and editors.

Iggy Pintardo Keynote speaker, Author The Connection Generation


False statements takes on Fake News

One of the more interesting aspects of the US Presidential election that’s caught my attention is how the media (the four main US television channels and then the Australian media) have finally found their voice in terms of calling out Trump’s false statements and downright lying.

Why is the cover of your business book so important?

You have probably heard the saying you can’t judge a book by its cover. It's true and it goes for business books as well.

The reality is most people do judge business books by their cover, just like most people make immediate, unconscious judgements about people based on the way they look.

Discover the Book Adviser Program

The Book Adviser is an 8-step, 12 month program for planning, writing, publishing and selling your business book for non executive directors, business owners and consultants.

This time next year, you could be launching your business book, sharing your knowledge and building your brand.

Reasons why your book is still just an idea:

You can't find the time

Struggling with structure

You're having trouble engaging readers

You're not getting the right feedback

Worried about print costs

Distribution is a mystery to you

Clients we've worked with

Jaqui has a phenomenal knowledge of business writing, editing and design. She is connected to an extensive network of print professionals and she understands the dynamics of self-publishing for business. I recommend her to anyone who asks about how to write their own book.

Cynthia Dearin Managing Director, Dearin & Associates