The Book Adviser is an 8-step, 12 month program for planning, writing, publishing and selling your business book for non executive directors, business owners and consultants.

Board Directors

Business Owners and Consultants

As a non-executive or executive director of a listed or private company you have built up significant experience and insights in your business sector and/or as a professional director.

You may have been thinking about writing and publishing a book to share your knowledge and insights, make a positive difference or leave a legacy but are not sure where to start, how to write a book or what the publishing process is.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about your book concept please contact Jaqui on [email protected] or 0400 800 056.

Many writing and publishing programs only address one part of the business book self publishing journey.

The Book Adviser Program provides knowledge, expertise, support, advice, templates and guidance across the whole process – from the time you decide you’re going to write your book right through to selling it and leveraging the content long after it has been published.

If you are a business owner or consultant, apply now or contact Donna Parker on [email protected] to book an initial discussion about your business book idea.


Here’s what our clients say…

When I first thought of writing and publishing a book to help promote and market my new consultancy business I called Jaqui for advice, support and guidance. Jaqui has a phenomenal knowledge of business writing, editing and design. She is connected to an extensive network of print professionals and she understands the dynamics of self-publishing for business. I recommend her to anyone who asks about how to write their own book.

Cynthia Dearin

Managing Director, Dearin & Associates

I’ve been talking about writing and publishing a book for years but it wasn’t until I met Jaqui that I felt I had found someone that I could trust with the passion, knowledge and experience to take me on my book publishing journey. Jaqui’s advice, support and recommendations were always considered and provided me with the confidence I needed, so much so that I am now completing the next three books in the Fast Track series, have learnt and engaged social media and am growing my business.

Fiona Wilson

Fast Track Real

Jaqui has provided me with structured and practical advice that made a major contribution to the publication and marketing of my book. She has been a pleasure to work with.

Eileen Doyle

Non-Executive Director, Business Angel & Author

When I decided to write and publish my book, Connection Generation, Jaqui was the first person I called for advice, guidance and support. Her knowledge of the options, costs, commercial reality of book publishing is extraordinary as is her network of highly- talented designers and editors.

Iggy Pintado

As part of developing my new consultancy business I wanted to create an eBook. Jaqui’s advice, guidance, graphic designer recommendation and engagement with me throughout the process was a great help and I am delighted with the final product.

Phil Preston

CEO, The Collaborative Advantage

You’re a genius and a bloody good copywriter, this nails it, thanks Jaqui.

David Anstee

Founder, rapporr

I worked with Jaqui to produce my book The Focused Executive… Jaqui is highly knowledgeable and a professional publisher. As this process is both highly technical and personal, I found Jaqui’s encouragement and personal guidance both inspiring and encouraging , helping me be keep to deadlines and to just “keep going “!

Her knowledge of the business world helped us achieve the great book and now revised edition. I highly recommend her as someone who can lead, support and manage a great book in your chosen field!

Virginia Mansell

Executive Chairman, Stephenson Mansell Group

My mother had always wanted to publish her book, a novel. It had been sitting in a box for many years. Jaqui worked with me to take the typed-up pages and create the published book. Her sensitivity, care, engagement and creative skills resulted in an amazing novel and a unique and special gift for my mother.

Ellen Baron

CEO, Ruby Cha Cha


If you follow The Book Adviser Program you will achieve your goal of writing, publishing and selling your book in 12 months.

We know because we’ve spent 30 years writing, publishing and marketing business books.

They can’t find the time

They don’t get professional feedback on their writing

They don’t know how to structure their story

They don’t know much it costs to produce and print a book, or how to assess all the offers in the marketplacet

They focus on what they want to ‘tell’ their audience rather than on what their audiences wants, or needs, to know

They don’t create a plan for their book, including its content, audience, sales and distribution methods and how they can leverage it

These are just some of the reasons why your book idea remains an idea, something you’ll ‘get around to’ one day…



In a world where credibility, authority, leadership, recognition and influence are increasingly tied to the content you create, your business book is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business and your personal brand.


So, how does it work?

The Book Adviser Program is an eight-step program that takes you through every aspect of your book journey:



Research and Writing


Building Your Book Community

Sales and Marketing

Revision and Editing

Leveraging and

The timeframe for each step will vary depending on how much time you commit to the program each week.

This is especially true of Step 2 – research and writing – which most people find the biggest challenge.

All the support, advice, templates and tips are available to you for a
12-month period from the time you join the program.

In each step you will receive:

 Background information and an overview of the main objectives
Templates to complete
Tips and additional information
Access to online support and feedback
A one-to-one coaching session

So what’s stopping you?

Don’t feel you have the time?
That’s what Step 1 is all about, creating a plan that works for you, keeps you focused and maximises the time you can spend.

Don’t know if you can write?
If you’re in business you’re already writing: proposals, presentations, blogs, articles, whitepapers, press releases  . . . all sorts of writing. Writing a book is about planning and creating a structure and this is what we help you with.

Don’t know how to publish or what format you should publish in?
We’ve got that covered. Having published over 400 business books we know about the options, processes, costs, suppliers, requirements, tricks of the trade, distribution avenues, promoting your book and more and we’ll be sharing this with you.

Don’t know how to sell a book, and don’t want a garage or spare room full of books two years after you’ve launched it?
We’ve been marketing and selling niche business books for over 25 years.

Not sure about the costs involved?
We share our knowledge about the costs at each stage of the process as well as smart and clever options that are available. We’ve also got some great ideas about how you can get some sponsorship for your book and pre-sell bulk copies to help cover your costs.


Sign up for the 12-month Book Adviser Program to write, publish and sell your first business book in under a year.

1.    Learn how to create the time to write your book

2.    Learn how to create your book outline

3.    Get support and advice throughout your research and writing

4.    Access your own book coach for one hour per month for 12 months

5.    Access the worksheets, templates, tips and samples as and when you need them

6.    Develop a sales and marketing plan alongside a content marketing strategy that will help you sell your book, build your profile and drive your recognition as a key influencer in your industry



In 12 months you will be launching your business book, sharing your knowledge and building your brand.