Are you looking to write a business book to build your influence and authority?

Apply for the Book Adviser Program where we’ll coach and mentor you through the entire book creation process to build your influence in your industry.


(The program isn’t for everyone, so this is strictly via application only)


Content Outline

We'll discuss your content plan and ensure that it's compelling and well structured.

Production Schedule

Develop a production schedule based on your capacity to ensure it's realistic and achievable.

Target Audience

Dive deep into your audience to make sure they are the right demographic to aim for.


Get the messaging of your book correct so it resonates with your target audience.

Marketing & Leverage

Discuss the marketing strategy and how you are going to leverage the book for positioning.

Resources Plan

Review the resources to ensure there are parameters around costs and requirements.


Jaqui has a phenomenal knowledge of business writing, editing and design. She is connected to an extensive network of print professionals and she understands the dynamics of self-publishing for business. I recommend her to anyone who asks about how to write their own book.

Cynthia Dearin Managing Director, Dearin & Associates

When I decided to write and publish my book, Connection Generation, Jaqui was the first person I called for advice, guidance and support. Her knowledge of the options, costs, commercial reality of book publishing is extraordinary as is her network of highly- talented designers and editors.

Iggy Pintardo Keynote speaker, Author The Connection Generation

Jaqui’s knowledge of the business world helped us achieve the great book and now revised edition. I found Jaqui’s encouragement and personal guidance both inspiring and encouraging. I highly recommend her as someone who can manage a great book in your chosen field!

Virginia Mansell Executive Chairman - Stephenson Mansell Group

Many writing and publishing programs only address one part of the business book self publishing journey.

The Book Adviser Program provides knowledge, expertise, support, advice, templates and guidance across the whole process – from the time you decide you’re going to write your book right through to selling it and leveraging the content long after it has been published.


Over half a million books printed and in circulation around the world, which includes books for companies and individuals.

Worked with some of the biggest names in business including Frank Lowy, Stan Peron, Lindsay Fox and many more.

Worked with some of Australia's top ASX-listed companies including Woolworths, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and Amcor.