For the Book Adviser

I met Jaqui in early 2019 when I was starting to build out a strong following with an online blog directed at mindset/productivity hacks. I had a lot of content and had dreamed of writing a book to leverage my brand but didn’t know how to go about bringing it life. Jaqui was instrumental in helping me to structure the process and drill down on determining my sought audience and how I could make impact immediately from launch. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and now have my sights on a second book in the coming year.

Kane Draper

The process of writing a book is only partly about writing, it’s also about locking on to your target audience, moving from planning to drafting to finalising, designing and handling the logistics of publication. It was great having Jaqui as a coach running alongside me to help unpack the ‘mysteries’ of the entire process and, ultimately, provide me with the confidence and greater self-accountability I needed to succeed. It’ a great feeling when you get the final product in your hands, and it has helped in attracting and engaging with readers and future clients.

Phil Preston

Without Jaqui and The Book Adviser team, 50-thousand words would have remained in the laptop!

If you want your book published, you need Jaqui. Even if you are still unsure about how to begin or what you should write but you know you want to write that book, you need Jaqui.

My book “Step Parenting with Purpose; Everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask” (March 2020) went to number 1 on Amazon within 48 hours of its release in the Step Parenting Blended Families category. This has led to me being asked by leading USA and overseas parenting publications to be a contributing writer as well as being stocked by one of Australia’s largest bookstore chains Dymocks.

Jaqui and The Book Adviser’s motto is, ‘to change the world one book at a time’. My book is now proudly part of the world and I cannot say thank you enough.

Jaqui, thinks of everything you will need in order to achieve the very best results possible for your book.

Her enthusiasm, integrity, loyalty and individual dedication to each and every client is amazing.

Karalee Katsambanis

Jaqui brings substantial experience and foresight to the book publishing journey. I engaged Jaqui in 2018 to coach me through editing my book Best Behaviour, an innovative approach to promoting high performance cultures in workplaces through behavioural learning and development. The book is foundered on personal development techniques and draws on substantial research and thought provoking arguments.

Jaqui not only managed the project with high integrity and conviction, but also brought some valuable thought leadership on what are very difficult topics. I highly recommend Jaqui’s authentic, professional approach to book publishing, including content, marketing and quality.

Tony Holmwood

Working with Jaqui Lane from The Book Adviser was one of the best investments I made whilst bringing to life my first book Fear Money Purpose.

Jaqui was the perfect sounding board and available at every stage of the editing process. She provided such wonderful feedback which had such a positive impact on the final manuscript that was presented to my publisher.

Not only was she authentic, generous with her time and brutally honest, I loved her passionate desire to help my book project succeed … in other words, Jaqui Lane CARES! This is the difference between a successful book journey and one that it isn’t.

Following on from the official book launch, Jaqui has still been available to provide advice and guidance around marketing ideas and promotion of the book to market. I highly recommend Jaqui Lane of The Book Adviser as a mentor to any author wishing to deliver a successful book project.

Nancy Youssef

I’ve been talking about writing and publishing a book for years but it wasn’t until I met Jaqui that I felt I had found someone that I could trust with the passion, knowledge and experience to take me on my book publishing journey. Jaqui’s advice, support and recommendations were always considered and provided me with the confidence I needed, so much so that I am now completing the next three books in the Fast Track series, have learnt and engaged social media and am growing my business.

Fiona Wilson

You’re a genius and a bloody good copywriter, this nails it, thanks Jaqui.

David Anstee

My mother had always wanted to publish her book, a novel. It had been sitting in a box for many years. Jaqui worked with me to take the typed-up pages and create the published book. Her sensitivity, care, engagement and creative skills resulted in an amazing novel and a unique and special gift for my mother.

Ellen Baron

As part of developing my new consultancy business I wanted to create an eBook. Jaqui’s advice, guidance, graphic designer recommendation and engagement with me throughout the process was a great help and I am delighted with the final product.

Phil Preston

Jaqui has provided me with structured and practical advice that made a major contribution to the publication and marketing of my book. She has been a pleasure to work with.

Eileen Doyle