Phil Preston


Capture and present Phil’s research and new approach to connecting profit and purpose in an accessible and dynamic way to propel a wider profile with business and not-for-profit leaders.


Working with Phil on the content outline and drafts of the manuscript, key target audiences and approaches, cover design, media and PR to develop engagement with Phil as an expert.


Connecting Profit with Purpose was launched in April 2020 (virtually).
Phil has used the book to nurture key media and leadership engagement to support businesses and NFPs.
He has been a keynote speaker at over 100 corporate, SME, social enterprise and government events, founded The Business Purpose Project,
co-host of Corporate Conversations on Purpose and host of Talking Purpose in Business & Life.


The process of writing a book is only partly about writing, it's also about locking on to your target audience, moving from planning to drafting to finalising, designing and handling the logistics of publication. It was great having Jaqui as a coach running alongside me to help unpack the 'mysteries' of the entire process and, ultimately, provide me with the confidence and greater self-accountability I needed to succeed. It' a great feeling when you get the final product in your hands, and it has helped in attracting and engaging with readers and future clients.