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About Jaqui Lane

Jaqui is a renowned corporate storyteller, business historian, biographer and book coach who helps ASX-listed companies, private and family businesses, directors and consultants to capture and publisher their stories or IP across all platforms.

 With over 34 years experience in corporate and business publishing worldwide with major companies, family companies, professionals and non executive directors, business people and aspiring thought leaders, there’s not much Jaqui hasn’t read or seen in the world of corporate storytelling, writing and publishing, self publishing and book marketing.

As a published author of over 23 business histories and publisher of over 450 business books, she is an expert at writing and delivering corporate history content that resonates and this helps companies, businesses and consultants build stronger, deeper, more meaningful and profitable relationships.

Jaqui’s passion for literacy is shared through her involvement a number of charities.

Jaqui was the Founding Chairman of The Footpath Library, a charity that provides books to homeless and needy people across Australia.

She is currently a Role Model for Books in Homes Australia, a charity established to provide new books to lower socio-economic and remote student throughout Australia.

Corporate And Business Books Written By Jaqui

Corporate histories – published books
  • Transform or Die. Best Practices for Transformative Boards and C-Suite.  (2022) Co-author with Adam Salzer
  • Clough (2019) The official history of Clough
  • Breathe (2019) The story of Daydream Island
  • O’Connell Street Associates – Serving Australia for over 45 years (2019) A history of O’Connell Street Associates
  • Trust, loyalty and friendship. The Peter Lehmann Wines story (2018) The official history of Peter Lehmann wines
  • The Bank for all Australians The official history of the Commonwealth Bank (2018)
  • The Cleanaway Way (2017)
  • Wesptac @200 (2017) The official history of Westpac. Co-author
  • 50 years of Donald Cant Watts Corke (2017) Editor and project manager
  • 100 Years at the cutting edge (2017) The Suttons Tools story.  Editor and project manager
  • Woolworths @ 90 (2015)
  • The history of AW Edwards (2014) A 90+ year-old family construction business 
  • Creating a new world of packaging. The Amcor Story (2014)
  • The 10th anniversary of Aspen Medical, (2014)  An Australian company with operations around the world.
  • The Focused Executive, Leadership and Management skills in challenging times, (2014) Stephenson Mansell. Editing and writing new chapter, project management
  • The History of The Asia Centre Foundation, Phuket, Thailand (2012);
  • Champions of Enterprise. Australian Entrepreneurship 1788-1991, (1991) Client: ASX and CIS Co-authored with Prof. Max Hartwell. 
Current writing projects
  • Simple moments of brilliance. 90 years of Innovation at Breville Client: Breville (2022)
  • From little things, big things grow. 12 Years of Australian Philanthropic Services Client: Australian Philanthropic Services (2022)
  • Forty Years of Forty Winks Client: Forty Winks Franchise (2022)
  • Carpet Court at 50 Client: Carpet Court (2023)
  • Now that’s an Idea. The history of the Centre for Independent Studies Client: Centre for Independent Studies  (to be published 2023)
  • Start-up Stamina. What right and wrong in Australia’s start-up ecosystem (to be published 2023). Co author with Rod Sherwood


Recent and current family business histories
  • History of Wilson Transformer Company (2023) 3rd generation family business 
  • Hare & Forbes. The story of a family business (2020) 4th generation family business
  • McNab Construction (2020) First generation family business
  • Sidgreaves & Co (2020) 4th generation family business
  • 50 years of Camatic (2020) 2nd generation family manufacturing business





The Book Adviser Team

Donna Parker,
Program Executive

What I do

Operations Manager/Program Assistant to all members of The Book Adviser Program, The Write Strategy Program and Linkfluencer Lead Generation

Why Books?

The love of books is called Bibliophilia or Bibliophilism.  I have been a bookworm from a very early age. Books allow us to travel the world.

Desiree Escueta,
Social media manager

What I do

Share knowledge and information about The Book Adviser across all social media platforms. I also help promote clients’ books to encourage people to start writing their own books.

Why Books?

Call me old-school but I still love turning actual pages when I read. The smell of its paper (I actually love the old smell) reminds me so much of my early childhood when I started reading. It takes me to places and expands my imagination.

Kathryn Palmer,
Research Associate

What I do

I assist on research projects, helping join the dots that make up company histories. No two projects are the same, so I tailor what I do to what you're looking for.

Why Books?

Besides our own memories and stories, books and literature are our most precious databases. Reading has taught me that no detail of life is ever too insignificant to be recorded. What we capture today is going to be someone's aid in the future.

Eddie The Cat,
WFH Assistant

What I do?

Most of my days are spent on the couch looking like I am reading, but I am really sleeping and dreaming about fish and food.

Why Books?

Living with someone who writes book and helps others write and publish their book means that my servant is home more than most, which means I am cared for very well.

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