False statements takes on Fake News

One of the more interesting aspects of the US Presidential election that’s caught my attention is how the media (the four main US television channels and then the Australian media) have finally found their voice in terms of calling out Trump’s false statements and downright lying.

Book review: Why haven’t I heard of you

2020 was the perfect year for Darryl given the main theme of his book, Why haven’t I heard of you…….is ALL about reinvention. Not that we knew this when we started working together on his book in late 2019. Why haven’t I heard of you? A Blueprint for standing out in a crowded, crazy changing […]

Book Review: Breaking the Gender Code

If you think the DaVinci Code was a great book and movie you might just be ready for Breaking the Gender Code. How women can use what they already have to get what they actually want. Danielle’s book is a deep dive into the genesis of ‘the gender code’. It’s that hardwired code that is […]

Book Review: Call a Business Angel

Call a Business Angel is THE book anyone who is thinking about starting a business should read whether you are a tech start-up, heading out on our own to build a consultancy business or are an innovator.

Book Review: Best Behaviour

Best Behaviour. Empowering managers and HR leaders to coach and align employee behaviours to supercharge growth, by Tony Holmwood is the book every Human Resources executive and manager should read.

Write your COVID story . . . before you forget

As a writer I made a decision in early January to record my COVID story both words and images by starting a COVID diary. Each day I wrote a short entry, a paragraph or two about what I experienced, was feeling and how I was responding. In addition, I took photos of where I was.