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Travelling and writing

For many people writing their book is something they’re ‘going to do’ on their business trip or holiday. At first this seems like a great idea. You are less stressed, there’s more down time to think and write, there might be lots of travel time (if you’re planning to...

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How to unblock writer’s block

Every writer I know has trouble writing.Joseph Heller The first thing to say about writer’s block is that pretty much everyone who writes gets it. If you’ve never written a book before you’re more than likely going to face this challenge. I was in Melbourne recently...

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Have you got a business book mindset?

I've worked out why you haven't started your book. I’ve just spent the day in a business accelerator program (Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint program). It’s a full on day with three sessions over 6 hours. I am always energised by these days, and often surprised...

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