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How and Where to Sell your Book

There are seven key things you need to understand if you want to sell your business book successfully. This includes: knowing your target audience, being clear about your purpose, leveraging your existing networks, building new networks and links early, upgrading your website and having a plan and budget. This simple steps will help you market and sell your business book.

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Bubble-gum bubbles and asset bubbles

The central banks around the world, especially the Federal Reserve and ECB have have fuelled the extraordinary rally in bond markets as long term yields have gone in to negative territory and propelled debt-funded, asset price growth among other outcomes.So what’s next and what will happen with the asset bubble bursts?

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Brand Me. Be the CEO of your own career

Digital disruption doesn’t just apply to companies. It applies to you.
The world has changed. It’s not about Discover me, it’s about Brand Me.
Everyone needs a personal digital strategy, and he means everyone – Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. Everyone has to evolve their work identity: How you see, how you are seen and how you project yourself.

It’s time to be the CEO of your own career, at whatever point you are in it. And, crafting your own business book can be a core part of this.

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