Want to market and sell your business book? Give Amazon a miss

While Amazon might be one channel to market your self-published business book its certainly not the only channel and for my money it’s not the best one either if you want to use your business book to increase your profile and that of your business, share knowledge and create real business relationships.

Five tips for building your business book plan

Knowing where to start when writing your first business book is difficult. Most people simply start writing and then get distracted, despondent at the lack of progress or confused about what they’ve written. Writing a successful business book requires a clear plan, understanding of what you want to say and the target audience you want to reach.

Creating an author platform

How to market your business book – build an author platform. The simple fact in book marketing and selling in 2017 is that it takes a community to market and sell a book, this is called an author platform. In the ‘old days’ (that is pre the real digital economy, about 2005) the marketing and […]

In conversation with successful business book writers

In conversation with David Coe This is the first in a series of discussions I am conducting with successful business book self-publishers. In this series business people who are thinking about writing, producing and publishing their own business book can get some terrific insights from those who have already done this, some through The Book […]

3 tips to create your business book content outline

I often hear the phrase ‘I’ve always wanted to write a business book about ……’ to which I respond, ‘Great. Have you created an outline of the content?’ The answer is usually no and its one of the main reasons why only 1% of the 87% of people who say they want to write a […]

Bubble-gum bubbles and asset bubbles

The central banks around the world, especially the Federal Reserve and ECB have have fuelled the extraordinary rally in bond markets as long term yields have gone in to negative territory and propelled debt-funded, asset price growth among other outcomes.So what’s next and what will happen with the asset bubble bursts?

Brand Me. Be the CEO of your own career

Digital disruption doesn’t just apply to companies. It applies to you.
The world has changed. It’s not about Discover me, it’s about Brand Me.
Everyone needs a personal digital strategy, and he means everyone – Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. Everyone has to evolve their work identity: How you see, how you are seen and how you project yourself.

It’s time to be the CEO of your own career, at whatever point you are in it. And, crafting your own business book can be a core part of this.