Professional Business Book Coaching With Jaqui Lane

Your Knowledge. Your Impact.

Writing your business book is a highly effective and credible way to increase your recognition as an authority in your field, build your profile and impact hundreds or thousands. In addition you want book sales results. But let's face it, to accomplish this we need to get your book written first.

The Book Adviser has the most comprehensive end-to-end business book coaching program available. It's not ghost writing, it is one-to-one time with a professional writer and publisher who is using a proven system to get you started, keep you motivated and complete what you've always wanted to do, write a book that people want/need to read.

Hiring A Professional Business Book Coach Isn't For Everyone But It Delivers Significant Time And Money Saving Benefits.

Rather than being overwhelmed by a sense of ‘“how the heck am I ever going to get started on writing my book, and then how to work out how to self publish it and market it,” The Business Book Adviser Program provides all the tools to enable you to get your book published. The Business Book Adviser Program brings together in a simplified process all the different parts of book writing and from the thousands of offers out there.

It's easy to understand, flexible, faster , protects all your rights and is a unique full-service approach.

Join The Business Book Adviser Program And:

move from the 80% space to the 1% Club – only 1% of business people who want to write and publish a book actually do, which is why a business book is such a powerful tool to increase your profile, recognition and reputationsave yourself thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted timehave your book completed within 6-8 months. We provide you a proven structure, strategy and award winning book coaching plus all the tools you'll need to make you a successful business book authordevelop an effective content marketing plan to leverage your book content, propel your book sales, visibility and authoritycreate a business took to grow new opportunities for you to speak, present, secure more business.

We've Coached Over 100 Clients Through Their Writing And Book Publishing Project, Sharing Our 30+ Years Of Knowledge, Skills, Ideas And Experience.

Your mentor:

  • removes the hard work of developing a content plan, freeing you up to do creating and thinking within a process.

  • gives you focus on matching your knowledge, ideas and insights with your target audience.

  • provides accountability and support in writing and marketing.

  • removes the biggest hurdles, FEARS and challenges TO INCREASE your ability and confidence to write, self publish and market your business book and achieving success.

The Business Book Adviser Program is a well designed and tested 8-step, 12 month [or less] self publishing book writing program that creates the delivers the book quality and success you are aiming for.

We cover every aspect of the process: from your book concept, defining your target readers, compelling messages, content outline to initial then final manuscript draft, design and book layout, printing, self publishing and publishing companies, promotion and sale of your business book.

Importantly, you are in complete control of the whole process, utilising our knowledge to learn and make informed decisions, keep you focused and achieve your vision of being a quality, published author.

This helps you overcome your fears and concerns to get through the tough sticking points that hold you back when you try to write and publish on your own.

You receive one-to-one coaching throughout the program from Jaqui and her team of self publishing professionals with access to 8 workbooks and 40 templates, information sheets, guides and more. 

Plus, you receive comprehensive marketing advice and resources to ensure you have an effective marketing plan and the tools and collateral so you can leverage, sell and distribute your book to your ideal reader once it’s published.

The Book Adviser Self Publishing Process

All the guidance and support you need to successfully self publish and sell your own business book in 8-12 months;The 8-step program includes over 50 detailed workbooks, worksheets, checklists and templates;Guides on costs and how to brief contractors. These guides will help you with manuscript review, editing, proofreading, design production, delivery, essential website upgrades, self publishing companies, ebook, audio books, ISBN (international standard book number);Access to our network of experienced, proven contractors so you can have confidence in who to use and what to pay;A customised content marketing plan for your self-published business book. This plan ensures you reach your ideal customer quicker and more effectively, saving you time and money, and increase your visibility and impact;Detailed go-to-market strategy and plan including pre-publication offers, book launch advice and templates, post launch marketing. This ensures that you achieve the maximum results from your book launchAccess to The Book Adviser LinkedIn network and platforms that promote Australian books and Australian authors. Leveraging our network will drive increased visibility, income;Phone, email, Zoom and in person coaching and support services throughout

We coach you through the whole book process – content planning, target audience identification, writing, production, printing, publishing and marketing. All you add is your brilliant business book concept and creativity to the process.

We're different from any other business books coaches.

Most other coaches focus on writing coaching, leaving you to navigate your way through the production, publication and marketing of your book on your own which can be frustrating and expensive.

A proven self publishing book marketing system

We've helped create many award winning business books with our clear structure, strategy, experience and focus on your purpose and goals. We want to share our knowledge and make a difference in your self publishing project.

Who is this program for?

Successful consultants, business leaders and company directors who are first time authors that have a wealth of knowledge and experience, frustrated about how and what to write, want to be confident about their writing, and want a proven strategy and insights to achieve their goal of mastering writing a successful book.

We customise a schedule to align with your time constraints, publishing objectives and support, and give you practical guidance, feedback, templates and examples to learn and follow through on.

Why a business book coach?

Most would be authors struggle to focus and get clarity on what to write that will deliver real value to their targeted readers and achieve their goals.

A business book coach helps you create a clear structure for your book content that delivers authenticity, credibility and value. We provide a clear roadmap, intelligent coaching and support through a proven method.

Is Your Business Book Idea Any Good?

To be honest it's not just about the idea. It's about being clear on your purpose, turning your idea into a compelling story and delivering a message that solves a problem most people are facing in business.

Working with a business book coach means your idea will be crafted into a compelling message and deeper detail through regular conversations with your coach and through using the detailed guides, templates and checklists.

The better 'right' question is: Can your idea be made engaging, insightful or provide positive solutions that can assist struggling entrepreneurs, business people or executives advance their business/career with greater ease?

If you answered yes, then The Professional Business Book Coaching Program is right for you.

Eileen Doyle's book, Call a Business Angel

How does business book coaching work?

Your business book coach works with you on a one-to-one basis all the way through your book journey.

Once your book schedule is developed your book coach will:

  • share their passion and expertise across our unique 8-step framework

  • provide clear direction, intelligent advice and keep you on track as you write

  • advise you on how to build your book community

  • guide you through the design and publishing process with our team of experts

  • support you through cresting your content marketing plan and book launch planning

so you create a quality book you are proud of, achieves sales success and get great reviews.

It's important that you are committed to the coaching process, have the right mindset and are motivated to maximise the investment you are making.

Writing and self publishing your business book will:

  • Help you capture your decades of knowledge and passion

  • Refine the techniques and lessons you've learned

  • Get greater clarity and depth on your idea

  • Help you master writing

  • Transform your insights to inspire others

  • Elevate you as a published authority and expert

  • Enable you to help/teach other businesses

  • Secure more clients and grow your business

  • Be inspirational for others

  • Keep you relevant and recognised for you expertise

Who Is Your Business Book Coach?

Jaqui is a published author of over 25 business books for ASX listed companies including Woolworths, Amcor, Aspen Medical, Westpac, Breville, the Commonwealth Bank as well as private family businesses and not for profits.

In addition, Jaqui has published over 450 books for a wide range of companies, industry associations, bilateral chambers of commerce, state and federal government departments.

She is passionate about helping businesspeople, entrepreneurs and consultants move from doubt and talking about their book to crystallising their purpose and gaining confidence to write, publish and market their book.

Dagmar is passionate about education, knowledge sharing and change leadership and has over 40 years experience in developing and facilitating leadership programs across Australia.

As a former State Librarian, State Library of NSW Dagmar has deep experience and insight into the power of the written word and books to lead positive change through sharing knowledge.

Jaqui and Dagmar will share what to expect, help you craft the right words, title and approach. They will also guide you through all aspects of the self publishing world.

Skills you will gain
This program includes:

One-to-one Expert sessions on your book ideas, thinking, audience
Mentoring you to discover your authentic voice
Feedback on your content structure, title and key messages
Detailed manuals covering writing, book covers, design concepts, proofreading, editing, printing
Book marketing and leveraging strategies to increase your visibility and recognition as an expert in your field
Support in linking your book with your business strategy, brand, story, leadership and clients
Access to the best, quality editors, publishers, content marketing experts, website builders
Proven and practical content marketing templates