Jaqui Lane, Storyteller

Jaqui’s mission: to help business people share their knowledge and insights through writing, producing and marketing their own, quality business book.

My vision is to  publish books that make an impact.

As one of Australia’s leading business book publishers and business storyteller I have interviewed over 600 Australian business people, published over 400 business books, written 11 books and over 40 articles.

Through The Book Adviser executives, board members and consultants have access to all 25 years of my publishing and writing knowledge, so that they can write and publish the book they’ve always wanted to. Jaqui will be your trusted book adviser. You’ll get good, sound advice, an approved list of partners to choose from for those specialist tasks,  open, honest and knowledgeable feedback.

I am passionate about sharing business knowledge and the power of books to empower and inspire change. The Book Adviser brings together her knowledge, passion and love of business books. Get in contact with me directly [email protected] to discuss your book idea.

I “get” writers, because I am one.

There’s not much I don’t know about the writing, production, publishing and selling process of business books around the world. I understand, how to take a draft of a manuscript and create a business book that will sell. My networks across business, publishing and the media are deep and loyal.

Some things you might not know about Jaqui…


Jaqui’s passion for writing and books is shared with others through a number of charities she is involved in.

Jaqui was the Founding Chairman of The Footpath Library, a charity that provides books to homeless and needy people across Australia.

She is currently a Role Model for Book in Homes Australia, a charity established to provide new books to lower socio-economic and remote student throughout Australia. Students receive nine new books a year chosen by them from the Books in Homes catalogue. Jaqui is also piloting a writing and publishing project with Auburn North Public School, Sydney with a group of Year 6 students who have conceptualised, written and illustrated a book.

When not researching and writing you’ll find Jaqui reading or scuba diving.