eBooks v printed books. What’s better?

I am often asked what’s the best way to print a book, as an eBook or a printed book? I have to declare my allegiances up front. I love printed books and buy several a month for both work and pleasure.  I understand the appeal of eBooks (convenience when travelling, cost, space-saving, saving trees and […]

How do I find the Time to Write

Writing a book is not about that flash of inspiration/energy, it’s about commitment to yourself and the values you hold and a genuine desire to share your insight and knowledge.

Why Do You Need A Business Book Writing Coach?

This is an interesting question and one I’ve actually thought about a lot given that I’ve developed The Book Adviser specifically to mentor business people through the whole process of writing, publishing and marketing their book. The Book Adviser idea started as a result of people being referred to me for advice about their business […]

3 tips to create your business book content outline

I often hear the phrase ‘I’ve always wanted to write a business book about ……’ to which I respond, ‘Great. Have you created an outline of the content?’ The answer is usually no and its one of the main reasons why only 1% of the 87% of people who say they want to write a […]