It’s a new year and we’re still in January so there’s still time to start writing that business book you’ve been thinking about for years. You might have even made this one of your goals for 2019.

If this is you I’d like to share the six things you must do in order to successfully complete your business book goal.

1.Commit – You need to commit both time and money to write and self publish a successful business book. By the far most challenging of the two for most business owners, consultants and company directors is time. Unless you can commit 4-5 hours per week (ideally in one block but no more than two), don’t start. You’ll need this amount of time to pull together all your notes, develop your content outline and then write several drafts. Further down the pathway you’ll need this time to work on the marketing and promotion of your book, both before and after the launch.

2. Play the long game – To successfully publish your book will take 12-18 months AFTER you have launched it. That’s another 12-18 months on top of writing and publishing it;

3. Always think about the big picture – Be clear about why you are writing and publishing your book. Think about how you want to be regarded in 2-3 years time and what difference it’s going to make to your target audience. If you are clear about your why the smaller decisions you have to make about all aspects of your book will be much clearer.

4. Know your target audience – Most business book writers miss this fundamental aspect of crafting a successful business book as they are too focused now hat they want to say rather than who their target audience is, what their challenges are and how their specific knowledge and insights can help the target audience solve these challenges. You get this right and you’ll have a book that people want to buy;

5. Be prepared to sell your book –Your book won’t sell itself. You have to put yourself out there and talk about, present, engage people about your book and ask them to buy it. This applies whether you do this in person or online.

6. Create a strategy and build a plan – Writing and publishing a successful business book is like any other goal. You need a strategy and a plan to execute, to keep you motivated when it gets tough (think your 3rd or 4th draft), to help you stay focused and to help you prioritise options and opportunities.

If you follow these six tips you’ll will write and self publish a successful business book in 2019.

It’s a tough world out there in self-publishing business books, as Kimanzi Constable can attest. His article in Entrepreneur Asia Pacific is worth reading.

So, if you know you need help to achieve your goal contact us and we’ll sit along side you through your business book journey.