Unlock the value of your story. 20 questions to help you get started


As a professional business writer and storyteller I’ve worked with a wide range of people across all industry sectors to help them tell their story. More and more, professional consultants are asking me to help them create a book that captures their IP/thinking and gives them a platform to extract more value from their years of experience.

If this is you, I can help you unlock your IP and grow your influence, brand and reputation.

As The Book Adviser I’ve developed a set of 20 questions to help you get started.

  1. What is the core idea/concept/thinking that you want to write about?
  2. Is this idea/concept unique or do you have a different take on it
  3. Have you written any articles, contributed to any research around this topic, and if so what has been the response?
  4. Do you own the concept/thinking research? (If you have been working in a professional services firm and working on your concept/idea, the firm may have some rights to this work or not
  5. What is your main purpose in writing and publishing a book?Professional pride: A desire to build a higher profile: A desire to build a business around you/your IP: To protect your IP: Posterity: Always wanted to write a book: some other reason?
  6. How much material/information do you have to start with?
  7. How much time do you have to work on writing the book?
  8. Do you understand the process of getting your words into print-ready form? Style Guide, Writing tone, Editor, Reworking, Proofreading
  9. Who will you get to design and layout your book and who will secure the necessary images for the book?
  10. Do you understand the process of revision, corrections and checking of each round of page proofs?
  11. Who is your key target audience and why do you think they will be interested in your book? (This applies whether you plan to sell your book or not).
  12. Do you want to publish it in hard copy, soft copy or both?
  13. How are you going to market and sell your book?
  14. Do you have the time and capacity to market and sell the book yourself or will you need someone else to do this?
  15. Will you sell it on your own website (if you have one)? If yes, is your website set up for payment/secure transactions?
  16. How many copies do you want to print?
  17. If you are creating an eBook, will you need help in doing this or will you undertake this process yourself?
  18. Do you have a deadline in mind and is this based on an informed decision about your time commitment and the production, delivery and marketing process?
  19. Do you have a budget figure in mind, or do you need help with this?
  20. How are you going to maximise the exposure of the book (and you) once the book is published? (i.e. social media campaign, marketing and promotional plan, content marketing strategy etc)

By answering these questions you’ll have a much clearer overview of what you know and don’t about writing, producing and marketing your book, up front.

Your responses will also enable you to engage people that can help you with a much clearer outline of what advice, assistance and support you need.

If I can assist, let me know. The Book Adviser 8-step, 12 month program will help you through this and keep you on track to write, publish and sell your first book. Take a look at the program by following this link. www.thebookadviser.com.au