The Magic of McDonald’s

No, the Magic of McDonald’s is not ‘Would you like fries with that?’

Peter Ritchie knows what the magic is. He joined McDonalds in 1970, the first employee in Australia and outside North America, and he opened the first McDonalds’ store in Australia in 1971 at Yagoona in western Sydney.

Peter spent 32 years as CEO/Chairman of McDonald’s Australia and has a distinguished career as Deputy Chairman of the Seven Network, a Director of Westpac, Chairman of Mortgage Choice and Reverse Corp.

Peter Ritchie, psat CEO of McDonald’s Australia presenting at Business Blueprint in February 2024

So, just what is the ‘magic of McDonald’s? As Peter notes:

‘I’ve often wondered why no one has tried to write a business book analysing the business phenomenon that is McDonald’s. People generally dismiss McDonald’s when they consider big business and they very much underestimate the complexity of a simple hamburger joint.’

It might surprise you. Peter explore two common misconceptions about McDonalds before he delves into the three secrets to McDonald’s success. And, I’m not going to share with you right here what they are. You’ll have to buy the book.

The Magic of McDonald’s is an easy read. At just 94 pages you could read it on a short plane flight or longer commute. But don’t confuse its brevity with its impact.

If you are a small or large business, this book will provide you with three key insights that will make a positive difference to your business and those that work with you. Part 1 covers the Magic of McDonal’s and the three secrets.


Entrepreneurial spirit


Part 2 of the book looks at Leadership and discusses what to look out for it you are consdidering buying a franchise, or growing your business through franchising.

All proceeds are being donated to Ronald McDonald House, which Peter established many years ago now. Ronald McDonald House creates, finds and supports programs that directly impact the health and wellbeing of children and their families. RMHC is there for families when they need it most: right in their own communities.

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