Travelling and writing

For many people writing their book is something they’re ‘going to do’ on their business trip or holiday. At first this seems like a great idea. You are less stressed, there’s more down time to think and write, there might be lots of travel time (if you’re planning to head overseas on a plane or […]

How much time does it take to write a book?

There are 5 main opportunity costs of writing. Organising, research and re-reading, interviewing, writing, time away from other things. Writing, like most things takes commitment, consistency and self discipline. Yes, there are online courses and that promote writing your book in a week, 10 days or a month, and I am sure many people could write […]

How to turn your first draft into a published work

Next to tips on how to start writing, the question I am asked most is, ‘How do I know  what I’ve written is any good, and what’s next? So, thought I’d share my experiences of the writing process and what happens when you have ‘finished’ writing. 1. You’re not finished The first, and important thing to […]

How much will it cost to self publish my business book?

One of the biggest challenges in the journey to self publish a business book is the process and cost of production and publication. I am often asked to provide advice and recommend a range of service providers for writers. That’s one of the main reasons I started The Book Adviser. I thought it would be […]

5 insights on how to start and keeping writing

The hardest thing for most people to do is actually to start writing, to actually sit down at your desk, open up a new document and start. It’s the moment of truth . . . can you actually follow through and start the process.

Unlock the value of your story. 20 questions to help you get started

As a professional business writer and storyteller I’ve worked with a wide range of people across all industry sectors to help them tell their story. More and more, professional consultants are asking me to help them create a book that captures their IP/thinking and gives them a platform to extract more value from their years […]