How and Where to Sell your Book

There are seven key things you need to understand if you want to sell your business book successfully. This includes: knowing your target audience, being clear about your purpose, leveraging your existing networks, building new networks and links early, upgrading your website and having a plan and budget. This simple steps will help you market and sell your business book.

Want to market and sell your business book? Give Amazon a miss

While Amazon might be one channel to market your self-published business book its certainly not the only channel and for my money it’s not the best one either if you want to use your business book to increase your profile and that of your business, share knowledge and create real business relationships.

Market, promote and sell your book. Part Three

One of the major areas that most ‘How to write your book’, ‘how to publish and market your book’ sites and program don’t deal with in what I regard as significant detail is the whole area of the costs, both in time and money, of creating a platform to market, promote and sell your book. That’s what I am covering in this post and it’s the biggest hidden cost of the self-publishing space.