Book review: Why haven’t I heard of you

2020 was the perfect year for Darryl given the main theme of his book, Why haven’t I heard of you…….is ALL about reinvention. Not that we knew this when we started working together on his book in late 2019. Why haven’t I heard of you? A Blueprint for standing out in a crowded, crazy changing […]

Book Review: Breaking the Gender Code

If you think the DaVinci Code was a great book and movie you might just be ready for Breaking the Gender Code. How women can use what they already have to get what they actually want. Danielle’s book is a deep dive into the genesis of ‘the gender code’. It’s that hardwired code that is […]

How to write a great business book

I’ve lost count of the number of business (and other) books I’ve read over my lifetime. Currently I read about 100 books a year, half for the business writing that I do and the other half for pleasure. Over the past 8 years I’ve also researched and written 19 business books ranging from a book […]

‘A book is on my agenda.’

I love this comment, and I get it a lot, several times a week in fact. There are 5 common blocks to writing and publishing your business book. The interesting thing about it is that for most people writing and publishing their business book is one of those agenda items that keeps getting rolled over […]

Can your business book change the world of business?

Yes, it’s possible that your business book could change the world, however, it’s more likely that it will improve or change the lives of those you have identified as your key target audience. And, as many of my clients say to me: ‘If my book can help 1, 10 or a hundred people I will […]