Nancy Youssef


Build on Nancy’s profile to drive a career as a speaker on financial empowerment


Develop a clear target audience, key messages, manuscript revision and editing, book launch and 12- month content marketing campaign


Develop a Content Marketing Plan focused on Nancy's key target audiences and leveraged her profile across her existing network in the financial advisory sector AND transitioned Nancy into a small/entrepreneurial business advisor.
The real challenge was that Nancy's book was launch just prior to COVID so we had to pivot quickly without losing momentum.
Consistency of engagement has paid off. In mid 2022 Nancy engaged with a new audience in the UK.
And there's more to come.


Working with Jaqui Lane from The Book Adviser was one of the best investments I made whilst bringing to life my first book Fear Money Purpose.

Jaqui was the perfect sounding board and available at every stage of the editing process. She provided such wonderful feedback which had such a positive impact on the final manuscript that was presented to my publisher.

Not only was she authentic, generous with her time and brutally honest, I loved her passionate desire to help my book project succeed ... in other words, Jaqui Lane CARES! This is the difference between a successful book journey and one that it isn't.

Following on from the official book launch, Jaqui has still been available to provide advice and guidance around marketing ideas and promotion of the book to market. I highly recommend Jaqui Lane of The Book Adviser as a mentor to any author wishing to deliver a successful book project.