Catriona Wallace


Work closely with Catriona Wallace, two main co-authors and three contributors to bring Checkmate Humanity together as a book that would deliver value to business, regulators, governments, academics and students of responsible AI. This required establishing a style guide for the content, text hierarchy, footnote and referencing style, working remotely with the authors across different countries and time zones and to a deadline.
Oversee and liaise with all the authors, provide guidance and advice re style, approach, consistency.
Managing the footnoting/referencing. This was a challenge given the book has an international audience across academia and business.


We supported Catriona and the co authors throughout the writing, layout and publishing process, creating an achievable schedule, sourcing a book designer (cover and internal pages), proofreader and printer from our network.
As the book adviser we were part of team meetings, taking the lead when required, providing individual
support and advice when required.
A core part of our support was the development of a Content Marketing Plan and integrating the launch of the book into this.


Checkmate Humanity was launched at an amazing event in mid-2022.
Significant media coverage was secured through engagement with both State and Federal Ministers,
key industry groups (Australia and international), which is ongoing.
Catriona continues to leverage the book across her international speaking engagements
and founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance.