Annie McCubbin


To support Annie through the whole process of getting the draft of her book that had been ‘sitting in her computer for five years’ published.


Review and provide feedback on Annie’s initial and subsequent drafts.
Present the book to publishers for consideration, consult on the book title and cover design, her book launch and content marketing
Ongoing engagement and advice re bulk sales and partnerships
Support and encouragement on Annie's next book, Why smart women buy the lies, launched in June 2023.


Why Smart Women make bad decisions: and how critical thinking can help them, was published by Major Street Publishing.
It is available in all retail outlets, including airport bookshops, and has sold over 3,000 copies.
Annie's book won the Australian Business Book, audio book of the year in 2021.
In May 2023 Annie launched her second book: Why Smart Women buy the lies, and how critical thinking reveals the truth.