Walk My Talk-Connecting generations in this disconnected world

$39.95 inc GST

Walk my Talk is a genuine guide for young people to take personal control and accountability for their career and life AND an exploration of the different communication styles of each generation in the workplace.

The business world is full of commentary about why different generations are struggling to communicate in the workplace but not about how to understand and change the way different generations think, express themselves and actually listen.

Walk my Talk delves into how younger generations Millennials and Gen Z can navigate their careers and life, the way Gen X and Baby Boomers, think, speak, communicate…or not, and how to bridge this divide.

It’s the handbook for each generation, which means you don’t have to ask your children or parents about the meaning of emojis, why Gen X wants to talk on the phone and Gen Z wants to text or what TL;DR means.

It includes examples of real-life conversations focused around ten key topics. Authenticity, Maturity, Respect, Experience, Attitude, Empathy, Relationships, Experimentation, Rejection and Skills you need to master. And every generation needs to explore each of these.

It’s the ultimate inter-generational guide for:

  • HR professionals who have to manage the inter-generational workforce
  • Senior executives who just ‘don’t’ get’ Gen Z or Millennials
  • Gen Z and Millennials who don’t get Baby Boomer bosses
  • Anyone in customer service who deals with customers across all generations.

About the author

Yashika Nayyar is the founder of ItsSimple Club. a bespoke consultancy that works with businesses to build healthier, happier workplaces and individuals to take control of their career and life. A high-performing sales professional Yashika is a passionate communicator and advocate for greater understanding across generations and for supporting younger people take action.