From Vietnam to Australia Sang’s Memoirs

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The book takes the reader on a trip starting from a small village of a South Vietnam province named Vĩnh Long in the early 1940s, to Brisbane in 1978, and then Sydney in 1982, until the present day. Historical events, wars, poverty, study, medical schools, love, and glory, all mingle in a well-recited memoir. This memoir celebrates the remarkable contribution of a refugee family to the Australian community.

History can be gleaned from various sources, and one fascinating avenue is through personal memoirs, such as the anthology penned by Dr. Sang Phan. His memoir, spanning over 250 pages, takes us on a journey from a small village in South Vietnam in the 1940s to Brisbane in 1978 and Sydney in 1982, right up to the present day. This well-narrated memoir weaves historical events, wars, poverty, education, medical school, love, and achievements into a rich tapestry of one individual’s life. While not authored by a historian, the book contains valuable factual insights, including a chapter on Saigon University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Dr. Phan’s generation, dedicated to knowledge and service to their homeland, shared aspirations with the author’s generation. This memoir captures the collective longing for a brighter future for Vietnam, and it is an essential read for younger generations.

Dr. Phan’s dedication to sharing this story, especially in a language he once knew little of, underscores his commitment to passing on the legacy of his people’s resilience. It’s also important to acknowledge the sacrifices made by his wife, Mrs. Tô Kim Châu, whose journey mirrors the determination of many women of her generation. Her unwavering support and sacrifices for her family are commendable. Dr. Phan ‘s memoir is a compelling blend of entertainment, emotion, and nostalgia.

Dr Phan is kindly giving the proceeds of his book back to UNSW Medicine & Health.