Our Partners

Over 30 years in business book publishing I’ve worked with a number of specialists across all facets of the editing, design and printing process as well as website design  and marketing.


If you’re looking for a specialist to help you with your book I can recommend the following companies/people. I’ve worked with all of them. We do not take a commission or any other form of payment for these referrals. They’re on this page because they are honest, reliable and deliver high-quality services at reasonable prices.

Design and Printing

It’s important to get the design and printing of your book just right, and these graphic designers, cover designers and printers will make sure you do just that:

The Bright Print Group

The Bright Print Group has been producing stylish and eye catching print for over half a century.  We play an active role in guiding our clients through a process they may not be familiar with to achieve high quality, impressive results. Our aim is to make sure your stories are transformed in to books you want to share.

Contact: chris@brightprintgroup.com.au
Website: www.brightprintgroup.com.au


Treehouse designer, Robyn Greathead, brings a love of type, a strategic eye to design and a natural elegance to the work she produces: design that catches the eye and gives voice to the story it tells.

Contact: art@treehouse.com.au
Website: www.treehouse.com.au


Donna Parker – Virtual Assistant / Graphic Designer

Donna Parker is an executive virtual assistant with a unique combination of administration and graphic design skills. Donna can assist you regarding your database creation, promotional deal designs, advertisements for online or hardcopy, bookmark design, flyers, pull up banners, business card design with your book jacket and creating and broadcasting promotional events in Mailchimp and sending to your book lists.

E: donna@donnaparkerva.com.au
W: www.donnaparkerva.com.au

Leading Hand

A leading design and digital agency. We specialise in graphic design, digital marketing, web design, environmental signage, copywriting and general marketing strategy.

Website: www.leadinghand.com.au


Sales and Profile

For all your website and online sales, marketing and promotion videos, strategy and back-end logistics needs, get in touch with:

Mechanica Digital

Mechanica Digital helps business owners, professionals and consultants to establish their online presence and build their digital profile. We provide digital marketing consulting and training, web design, photography and video production.


Endure Web Studios

Sarah from Endure Web Studios has a passion for helping people bring their dreams to life through websites. She builds clean, easy to navigate, mobile friendly websites to allow content to be consumed and enjoyed.

Contact: sarah@endure.com.au
Website: https://endure.com.au