Knowledge leadership – your book, your legacy

Writing and self publishing your book is a time-honoured way of leaving a positive legacy in your company, industry sector, country and family. With self publishing now available to anyone writing and publishing your legacy book is more accessible than ever

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin

This is one of my favourite quotes.

More and more we’re working with experienced businesspeople, company directors and consultants who have decades of experience, knowledge and insights that they want to share through a book. Not for business growth, to make money, personal branding or business marketing but as part of their legacy.

So, just what does legacy mean?

Your legacy is your gift of service to others, of inspiring and empowering others.

It’s also a way for you to find genuine fulfilment.

Most businesspeople when they reach a certain stage start of focus on their desire to leave a legacy though sharing their work and knowledge with colleagues, the next generation, other organisations in their sector or community. The question then becomes how to do this.

While there are many ways to leave a legacy, writing and publishing a book to capture and share your knowledge is one of the most fulfilling and lasting.

And, interestingly, many of our clients say they want to write and publish their business book because they want to help people. When I asked one client what success would look like for them say said “If my book helps one person I’ll be over the moon.”

Your legacy book

“Leaving a legacy means dreaming big and changing the world for the better. And it is a powerful driver for the most successful people on the planet.” Tony Robbins

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Many businesspeople sense that they want to leave a mark through a book but they don’t know how to start. They are also often not sure if what they want to share will be of value to others, if anyone will read it and, if it will be good enough.

Writing and publishing a book is, as one of my clients recently shared, ‘like walking around naked’. Once the book is published your thoughts and words are out there for everyone to read, and comment on. And that’s actually why you wanted to write it in the first place, but it is scary.

How to start your legacy book – the first three steps

Like many things in life knowing how to start is often the hardest part. The same is true of your legacy book. Below I outline the first three steps.

1. Thoroughly think through who you are writing for and how it will help them. 

Here are some common ways your book can help your readers:

Solve a problem

Gain knowledge, wisdom, information

Inspire, motivate, empower

Gain a new perspective, OR

some combination or all of the above.

2. Share your idea or even draft outline with a trusted colleague and/or professional book coach.

It’s one thing to think about your book, it’s another to take action, write down your book concept, compelling messages/insights and a chapter outline. It’s another step altogether to start writing your book.

Going solo is often hard work. Self doubt creeps in and then not so long after that self discipline starts to wane.

The right book coach can help you clarify your core knowledge, goals and objectives and purpose. Being clear on these will help you complete writing your book and give you the motivation and energy to market it.

In the writing phase a book coach like is your partner in the whole process, can provide feedback on the key message/s and structure of your book, your first and subsequent drafts and offer insights into other components your book might include such as interviews, case studies, summaries, quotes, DIYs etc.

3. Understand the whole book writing and self publishing process upfront.

Writing your book is just the first part of your legacy book project. What many people don’t or can’t help you with is the other equally important parts of the book process, design, production and marketing your book.

The challenge here of course is that if you haven’t written, published or marketed a book before you don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know how to find and assess all the people and offers out there and the time/money commitment you’ll need to make over what period of time.

Of course, that’s where we come in. We have first hand experience across all aspects of the planning, writing, production, publishing and marketing of business books.

With the knowledge that you’re working with experts across the whole writing and publishing process, you can focus on your writing in the first instance with a clear schedule, plan and budget in mind. We create certainty and confidence and partner with you through the whole journey. We can even market and promote your book through our bookshop and social media platforms.

Your words can go where you can’t

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The wonderful thing about books is that they have wings. They can go around the world as printed books, eBooks or audio books; across cultures and business sectors; and generations. With ChatGPT they can now inform millions of people literally while you are sleeping.

They ‘live’ on after you’re gone to inspire, challenge, support and help others.

“A writer doesn’t dream of riches and fame, though those things are nice. A true writer longs to leave behind a piece of themselves, something that withstands the test of time and is passed down for generations.” – C.K. Webb

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