Yes, it’s possible that your business book could change the world, however, it’s more likely that it will improve or change the lives of those you have identified as your key target audience.

And, as many of my clients say to me:

‘If my book can help 1, 10 or a hundred people I will be happy.’

Of course, most people want to have an impact on hundreds if not thousands of people, that’s why they have spent months writing and publishing their business book.

5 tips to ensure your business book makes an impact

For your business book to have an impact you need to think about, plan and execute how you’re going to tell the world (especially your target audience) that:

  • 1. Your book exists;
  • 2. The challenges it will help them solve;
  • 3. Why it’s different from all the other books out there on your topic;
  • 4. Why potential readers should listen to you; and
  • 5. Where they can buy it.

This all sounds pretty straight forward, and it is.

The hard part is working out where you are going to spend your time and money.

Understand SEO and implement it

There’s so many options out there in terms of marketing and promoting your book all the way from your own website and Blog through to speaking engagements, guest podcasts, FacebookAds, GoogleAds, Amazon, Booktopia, bookshops, events in libraries, industry organisations, conferences and more.

Then there’s the whole SEO (search engine optimisation) area as well as hashtags, news-jacking, media reviews, media and industry interviews, influencer marketing and more. Here’s a terrific beginners guide that I share with my clients from Moz. And here’s another good link for those starting out or wanting to understand and improve their SEO.

As you can see there’s no shortage of places you can spend money and there’s no shortage of promoters and websites that will try and convince you that if you use their system you’ll become a multi-millionaire speaker and successful author.

The reality is there’s no substitute for you working out who your target audience is, where they are currently going to seek out information and how they are engaging with that information. Work these things out and that’s where you should be focusing your attention and money.

Here are five quick tips to help you start your journey on changing the world through your book.

1. Start small and focused.

Concentrate on the primary target audience for your book to secure coverage, interest and engagement. Use this to leverage your exposure to wider audiences.

2. Start the way you plan to finish.

The business book publishing world is littered with people who launch their book, post a dozen blogs in the first month, are seen and heard on radio, television and podcasts and then fade away.

Marketing your book is a long-term (at least 12 month) exercise. Commit to what you can realistically deliver consistently over 12-18 months.

3. Create a marketing and content plan

Marketing your book is a long-term project and you need a strategy and plan to make it happen. Also, work out if you are going to deliver on it or if you are going to pay someone else to do this. Create a plan, schedule, budget and monitor it to see if you’re getting the results you expected. If not adjust it (don’t change it). Content marketing and other marketing is not a set-and-forget exercise. Here’s two links that will help you get started, the first from HubSpot and the second from Curata.

4. Engage your audience where they are and how they like to be engaged.  

Marketing your business book in 2019/20 is not a one-way exercise. It’s about real engagement whether this is on LinkedIn, Facebook, your own website, industry sites, podcasts etc. The more you engage with readers, those who comment on your book, presentation, Blog,

5. Make sure you have a website (or update your existing website) to put your book front and centre AND that people can purchase your book from your website.

This has a number of benefits the two main ones being you keep more of the revenue from sales of the book (no middle men) and you capture the email address and contact details of those who have purchased your book (with their permission) and then continue to engage with them (and build your database).

And remember, consistency in execution over the medium-long term is how your book could change the world, and if not the world hundreds or thousands of people.

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