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What We Do

Thousands of business owners and consultants want to write a book about their business or unique idea, but very few ever get around to it.

Here at The Book Adviser, we help you write, produce and sell your book through our 8-step program that you can work through at your own pace.

If you follow The Book Adviser Coaching program you will achieve your goal of writing, publishing and selling your book in 12 months.

We know because we’ve spent 30 years writing, publishing and marketing business books.

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Our Services

Book Coaching

The Book Adviser delivers an 8-Step program that takes you through the entire journey of planning, writing, publishing and selling your own book.

Alternatively, you might want us to create a customised Project Plan for you and to act as your consultant. We can do that, and we have worked like this.

It’s up to you. Whatever way you want to start your book, we’ll work with you on your book journey and help you achieve your goal.

Content Marketing

We’re the content marketing experts and we’ve developed clear, effective and manageable ways to help business owners and consultants enter into the world of content marketing.

Content marketing is not effective, efficient or affordable without a strategy, so we help our clients create a content marketing strategy that they understand and can deliver.

Content may be King, distribution may be Queen, but creating a content marketing plan you can actually deliver over time is the Ace.

Business Writing

We get that not everyone can write well, has the time to write or, more importantly has the time to do the research, interviews and reading. If this is you, and you still want to ‘write’ your book, we can do this for you.

As a professional business writer and publisher for over 25 years who is passionate about what she does, I’m available to write your book, or rewrite something you’ve written. And, if I’m not the best fit for you I have a network of outstanding business writers.

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