Grow your Business – Write a business book

Establish your credibility in your area of expertise and showcase it through business book.

In the crowded and competitive world of business, especially small-to-medium sized business and consultancies, standing out from all the others in your field is often hard to do. With the advent of self-publishing you’ve got the real option to write and publish your own business book.

If you’ve been in business for 5-10 years you’ve got a huge amount of knowledge and insights, more than likely a number of delighted clients and lots of examples you can use.

You are also probably pressed for time and the thought of the how long it will take to writing your business book might out you off.

Added to this, you’re probably not sure where to start or how to start.

However, writing and publishing your business book can deliver real benefits to your profile and that of your business.

So why your business book?

1.  It can establish your credibility in your area of expertise. Being a published author is still a significant achievement, especially if you’ve written a high-quality book in terms of its content;

2.  You can use your book as tool to secure media coverage across your industry associations, publications, with influencers in your area, guest podcast interviews and more;

3.  Keynote speaking invitations could follow as event organisers now know who you are, what knowledge you can share that’s relevant to their group

4.  You can use the content created for you book across other channels, for LinkedIn Articles or short posts, for Blog posts on your own website,

5.  You can create smaller eBooks from each of your chapters, or summarised versions of chapters for next to no additional investment. You can use these as Lead Magnets, promotional tools to attract more interest and build your database;

6.  Content from your book can also form the basis of a series of videos. Simply take small sections of your book content and use this for the content of a video.

Like most things in life, if you want to write and publish your business book you’ll need to make it a priority and develop a clear plan. You also need to understand the process involved, the time it will take and your options for printing and marketing your book.

If you’re interested in writing and self-publishing your business book to build your brand and your business brand contact us at The Book Adviser.