Book review: Why haven’t I heard of you

2020 was the perfect year for Darryl given the main theme of his book, Why haven’t I heard of you…….is ALL about reinvention. Not that we knew this when we started working together on his book in late 2019.

Why haven’t I heard of you? A Blueprint for standing out in a crowded, crazy changing new world is so timely it’s scary.

Having reinvented myself a couple of times over the decades (although I’ve never labelled these changes as such), I totally related to Darryl’s story and the key messages and insights he shares in his book.

As an entertainer, entertainment producer, performer Darryl has been reinventing himself most of his life.

For most of us we’d say ‘Well that’s the entertainment industry for you.’ NOT many more.

Reinvention is something that pretty much everyone has had to do, or will be doing shortly due to the over-sized curveball of COVID. Wherever your were, whatever role you were in, whatever job you were doing in November 2019, everything has now fundamentally changed.

Given we’re now at the end of 2021 you may have changed out of your ‘tracky daks’, might have headed back into the office part time, OR changed your job, role

So how do you make sense of what’s happening, the constant uncertainty, change and various levels of isolation?

How do you move through to learn a new mindset?

Let’s face it we’re all being bombarded with the fact that we need to pivot, be flexible, embrace change/uncertainty. It’s just that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Why haven’t I heard of you is really all about the fact that everyone needs to embrace reinvention. Life and living are dynamic. Change occurs all the time to a greater or lesser degree. Some of us embrace it others don’t. And there’s a large group who simply ignore it hoping it’ll pass them by. No longer.

Settle in and enjoy the performance

Darryl’s book is part insight, wisdom and action plan, part performance.

There’s three sections.

  1. Darryl’s story from to the formation of the global mega brand The Three Waiters and beyond
  2. How to consistently hit the high notes in your life
  3. How to reinvent yourself so you stay relevant

Throughout the book you’ll be treated to some GREAT stories that involve a global cast of characters including Pavarotti, Paul Allen, Puccini and an astronaut on locations as diverse as Taumarunui, the Dominican Republic, Havana, New York, Sydney and Geneva among others.

If you’re wondering how you can move beyond the rather trite and vacuous ‘pivot’, Why haven’t I head of you is your first step. And, I guarantee you’ll be channelling Pavarotti before the end of it . . . and listening to some of Darryl’s amazing performances.

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